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After over 50 years combined business experience working across large multi nationals to SMEs, ACEP Consulting Ltd was founded to offer a point of difference to the traditional consultancy group. 

ACEP support small and medium sized businesses throughout Wales and the South West – we offer the opportunity to have the business support offered to multi Nationals tailored to SME needs. 

We also support and coach individuals through change, whether that is in their current role, to get them ready for a new role in the same company or whether they are looking to have a career change. People make companies and we offer support to make change happen effectively.


Made up of associate consultants who bring exceptional skills and experience across Business Process Improvement including Lean and business analysis to those of HR, Employee engagement, coaching, training and development.

What we do first and always, is to listen in detail to what is needed, this is vital in supporting any change, firstly to understand.

Our aims are to work with Customers to tailor programmes to suit their needs, whether it’s their strategy, the training programmes they need to be building to develop capability within their teams, or to support an individual who is at the cross roads of their career.

We listen, observe, question and understand what is needed and then shape the solutions to the REAL issue, not providing a solution to the first problem we see. We look at the complete business and the impact that all areas have.

Contact us today to see what we are about and how we can support you or your business to take the next step to a more rewarding future.

Unlocking the potential of you and or your business is our goal.

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